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Today I was shopping with my mom and we went to Edeka. This store is huge supermarket chain in Germany and this specific store was ever since part of my Winx journey.
So we walked into the store and I saw this huge display with the new Kinder Surprise Eggs which contained the Believix figures. The display didn’t had the single eggs but little boxes with four eggs inside – saying that you’ll get at least one Winx figure.
I really wish I would’ve taken a picture of that display!  But at least I was able to get the cardboard figures of Bloom and Stella which were put at the sides of that display. We know a woman at Edeka because she’s the mother of one of my friends.
My mom was so kind to ask her if we could get the cardboard figures since I was too shy. The woman asked her supervisor and got a “yes”! We picked up the figures and I took them out to our car hoping that no one who knows me will see me.

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