Welcome to the German magazines!

These pages might be more interesting for German fans but if also you from a forgein country have interest in our German journey, then I wish you a lot of fun to discover the past years.

Before you start to explore everything I would suggest you to read the complete text to answer some of your questions you might have or will have without reading this.
Starting with the side menu you can see that I sorted the special magazines alphabetically and then the regular magazines are listed after years.
Comic Blue Ocean and Comic Dino are little books with the comics inside. Dino was the first publisher in 2005 to release three of the books. Blue Ocean somehow continued in 2007.
All the special magazines are also released by Blue Ocean which is also the publisher of todays magazine since 2007.
Panini was the publisher of the first four magazines from 2004 - 2005. As you can see we never got an issue in 2006. This was the only year we didn't get anything.

A while ago I had a discussion with a friend who didn't want to believe me that Panini only released four issues and then Blue Ocean starting of in the middle of July 2007 with issue No. 8. So many people are confused and believe that there were issues 5 - 7 in the years from 2005 - 2007. But since I always had a look in the stores and also weren't afraid of asking I know that there wasn't anything released. To be even more sure I contacted Panini and Blue Ocean and both confirmed that they only released four magazines (Panini) and starting off with issue No. 8 (Blue Ocean).
Sadly I wasn't able to find out why the called it No. 8 when it was released in July - 7 would have been more logical. But in the first years they releases 13 magazines per year and not "only" 12 which was pretty awesome.

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